You need internal power to transform your life.

Everyone has its focus area

So you want to change something in your life? Maybe you want to be more effective at work, finally start writing a novel or improve your relationship but you feel you are stuck. You watch days go by, you still believe the change will come but have no idea when and how. Somehow you don't think it is possible at present moment. You have hit local optimum!

Life's curve

Life curve is a series of local optimums. We stay in certain mental or physical place until we find the power and energy to move beyond them. That moment we easily recognize: "This is the time, something inside of me flipped, I am determined, I believe it is possible, I do it!". Ahh, excellent moment. So how to hit that "Power moment" faster for any goal we have?

Establish your principles

Principles are our internal motors. They make us do and stop us from doing things. I have realized that many principles that I use to direct my life I am not fully aware of. Moreover, I can probably establish few more, very useful principles.

Since principles work on meta level, you will find  them directing your behavior on daily basis. What will happen is if you will face certain situation they will fire up and create more pressure on you to take action. Assume you have principle "I will NOT lead life I will regret". One day you are walking down the street and mesmerizing blonde passes you... Well, I will let you finish the story.

To give you some examples of principles:

  • I will not lead life I will regret
  • I will not fool myself (This principles is to keep recognizing what I really want even if everyone else around wants other things.)
  • I invest in my development
  • I stay positive and optimistic.
  • I don't give up.

And remember to listen to this quiet voice in your head that tells you what to do. It will tell you to speak up, go for it. It is your subconscious that spotted the optimal moment. Go for it then.

Motivation to and from

There are two types of motivation: to and from. So use them both to your advantage.

Motivation to: think about desired outcome. The place that you want to move. Think what benefits you will get from it? What will change and how much you want that. What I find useful is to also create contrast to that desired future. So ask yourself  "how will my life look if I don't get there". What will I loose, what problems will I create for myself by doing things old way. Will I be frustrated, lonely, will I get health problems, get in other kind of troubles? 

Develop managerial force within

You need to think of yourself a manager of yourself. If you need better perspective think of managing someone else in your situation. If you were his manager what would you like him to do? When you think from executor perspective you often involve doubts and fears within your reasoning.

You sometimes also may be living in an illusion. You think you are doing something and think that is enough. So think about your situation in terms of outcomes. Have I got what I want? If not, what do I do about that. I know it sound simple, but it is not. Often we don't realize that we can question all of our life.

Create environment for a change

People all over the world differ in many aspects. Some find socializing easy and natural such as in Latin and Spanish countries. Probably UK people would be more distant and less approachable. Anyway, people behave similarly in certain environments because they pickup things by osmosis from each other. They, even unconsciously, observe behaviors and introduce them into own repertoire. So, whom ever you want to be, think of ways of getting around similar people. Changing within old environment, old friends with habits you want to break is more challenging. Let's consider you want to loose weight, stop drinking or become vegetarian. How much easier is to do it if there are supporting people that already have gone that way and can tip you and encourage you on your way.

Get a dedicated friend

Dedicated friend is gold. When you both want to achieve something its great to go same path together. Other person can give you feedback, analyse your behavior, tell you things you won't notice by yourself. Moreover, friend will push you to do things when you are in doubt. You will also have certain process in mind thinking about yourself: how will my friend see me? Someone will hold you accountable for your progress. It's additional positive pressure in good direction!


It is so important that I can not emphasize it more. When you eat processed food, standard american diet; lot's of dairy, pastry, meat, it influences you in many ways. What is important for us is general health and energy levels. Body and mind not being intoxicated constantly and with important nutrition will create engine for change. You will by yourself have motivation and energy to execute. You will get new ideas. So take a look at research on food and follow healthy diet. It should include raw foods and essential fats. Take a look at resources:


Comparing to eating properly getting good sleep is easy and pleasurable! We all know it, however often we don't do it. So go to sleep before midnight. No later. Sleep around 8 hours. Make sure you don't have any sounds at night that would disturb your sleep. Our mind is constantly on, it's listening, you don't want any sudden sounds that would make your mind think it's a threat. Some people use white sound generator. If during the night you hear music, neighbors or cars you might consider using it. 

Don't waste energy

If you are not effective and can not change certain things chances are you already have energy wasting habits. What do you do most of the time? Observe yourself and you might be amazed. After you came from work what do you do? Do you sit to your computer or TV? Do you smoke cigarettes on balcony, drink beer on regular basis, watch YouTube, spend time on Facebook? Have you ever written TLTR to anything? If you allow your mind to pursue distractions you will find difficult to maintain long periods of extensive focus. And that, according to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates is critical for achievement. Take a look at that book The Executive and the Elephant It will introduce you to many techniques of taming your inner elephant. On distractions you waste your vital energy. 

So, go ahead and change things: 

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