Are you missing the trigger?

Framework of behavioral change

I have just read Tony Stubblebine (lift.do founder) habit building plan titled "No Soda for 21 days". On the surface it talks on how to stop drinking pop. However it contains many generic and useful information on how is human behavior triggered. This information can be valuable in all contexts, including your work, your business and your life.


Stubblebine introduces BJ Fogg's Behavior Model called B=mat. Abbreviation stands for

Behavior = motivation + ability + trigger

in order for certain behavior to occur you need motivation, ability and proper trigger. Motivation and ability are somewhat interchangeable. You don't need high motivation to achieve simple goal. I believe however that most people don't miss motivation. That ability is not the issue neither. With desire people are able to obtain any skill. What I think we need the most is trigger.

Design your missing trigger.

Do you live default or designed way? Socrates have famously said "Unexamined life is not worth living". As we go about our life, we solve everyday similar problems and at some point we forget that we should question our assumptions. We just don't do it, and we are not aware we don't. There is nothing that triggers us to change or think about the change.

Step 1.Think of your best possible future.
You should be thinking and evaluating the most important things in your life. Your relationships, business partners, type of work you do, free time activities. Think of what is the best possible future in this areas. Make a habit of brainstorming new ideas and wait if something clicks.

Step 2. Research.
Feed your imagination and see what works. Do active research. See what other successful people are doing, what are they engaging in, what and how they achieved their goals. Read, read, read. Try self help books, blogs, q&a sites like quora.com.

Step 3. Get rid of time consuming and useless habits.
If you don't know what to change and don't think about the change chances are you engage in time wasting habits. Do you watch TV, YouTube, spend a lot of time on facebook? Do you play games? We all think we can do all those activities and still function normally, not missing anything. Opposite is true. Stop those habits for two weeks and see what happens. Remember the idea of replacement. If you stop one activity replace it with other. Instead of watching random movies posted on facebook buy a book (for instance this one The Talent Code. Greatness isn't born. It's Grown.) and read it during this time. I guarantee you that you will be inspired and motivated!

Step 4. Get a mentor or buddy.
I was not aware I can do it until I came across this idea. I never thought seriously about it. However, recently I did some research on that and have found multiple communities already benefiting from mentoring and self help sessions. It's great to have motivated individuals to work with. They can ask you questions you would never thought, analyze your behavior and hold you accountable.

There is no other person who will do the work for you. You need to introspect, ask and observe. You are the owner and designer of your life. Don't give up on this. I know it is almost obvious, but are you doing it? I hope to trigger you with this post. Before clicking x on the tab think of one thing you would like to improve in your life today.

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