Leverage your change potential with 3rd person perspective

In life there comes a time when you will look at yourself from third person perspective. This triggers revaluation of everything you do. At least in me. I think this is beneficial moment.

It is an interesting experiment to question everything you do and do not do. Especially when you add to the picture your emotional reaction to projected emotional reaction of third person :) Are you still there? I mean you take into account how someone else feels about your habits and the way you are. I know, internal locus of control, that is the desired area from where you action should come. That is true, but I don't think we should hesitate to take any tool that might be useful.

I am definitely not saying you should pretend or make up other persona. I would rather go for developing best from yourself. Maybe there are areas that you would enjoy but never really tried. Somehow you postpone it. You don't consider them important at the moment. Travel, sport, movie or music knowledge? This is the proper time to make a move.

I know my knowledge and experience of the world is very limited. I want to work to improve this. Interesting idea is to pick up book you consider the best at the moment and read it for half an hour every morning.

Experiment, test, try but as I mentioned before, stay true to yourself otherwise you might become dissatisfied. 

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